Missing the Shinkansen already 

It’s on the spot, with so much space, even the first class in german ICEs are far from comparable. When a service employee leaves the car, he or she does it backwards and bows to the guests.

And of course: Ekiben

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Today we visited the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka. Taking Pictures was not allowed inside. It was indescribable beautiful and elaborate with so much love for the tiniest details, we had tears in the eyes. No joke. Even thinking of it makes them wet again, because everything there is so heart warming. Outside pictures were allowed, so here is one:

Shopping day

Today was Shopping day! I bought a beautiful handmade Yukata in Ryogoku, the Sumo district of Tokyo.👘 Maybe the first time I saw people who actually were bigger than me 🙂

As I we took this picture in Ryogoku, two old, cute ladies got totaly crazy about me and shouted “kawaii! kawaii!”

Later in Akihabara we went crazy at this Anime/Manga Store and bought weird stuff. The store was on 7 levels!

 Then the Gachapon craze set in at this amazing shop.

At the end of the day Julia lost her phone on the metro and thanks to the help of the employees,  she got it back in under 30 minutes! Wow! 💓 

Getting a Yukata

So I asked Kayo where to get a Yukata, as a morning robe / pyjama / what ever.

It’s sort of a less formal Kimono.

As I might need a slightly bigger one than the average japanese men, her mother told me, best bet would be Ryogoku. The Sumo town in Tokyo.

So that’s where we are heading today 🙂

Today I got brainfucked

by the combination of akihabara and pachinko. No one minds a good f# though.

Our sushi lesson with Kayo-san was so awesome. She and her mother were extraordinary nice hosts! We totaly recommend Kayos sushi lessons. One of a kind and unforgettable experience!